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biogas from wastewaterThe City of Oakland, California is using unique items to produce energy.  Every day, there are trucks entering the back of the wastewater treatment plant in the city filled with waste products that can be used as energy.  These natural waste products like carcasses and cheese whey are turned into a mush that can be burned to create a methane-like gas that can be converted into energy for the city.

The treatment plant is able to produce enough energy to power itself every year and another 1250 homes in the area.  With this type of program, the city is showing that biogas and other waste fuels can be very efficient and very simple to produce.

These wastewater plants are able to use the byproducts of their treatment as well to make biogas and power themselves or other homes and businesses in the area.  As the energy sector looks at this, it is clear that there could be good things on the horizon for biogas and the value of wastewater treatment plants.