Harvard Scientists Have Developed A Novel Battery

batteryA team of Harvard scientists have developed a novel battery design that can help to store energy when there are low amounts of wind and solar power to be had.  At every turn, alternative energy sources have been helping to bolster and support the massive energy demands in large markets.  However, poor weather and massive demands can force the electricity grids near failing status simply because there is not power to be had.

These new battery designs use small and organic carbon-based molecules known as quinones to store energy.  These are very similar to the cells that store energy in plants, and they have a high capacity while taking up very little space.

These batteries are only limited by the size of the tank they use, and tanks can be built to massive proportions to store energy if necessary.  These fluid-based batteries could be the perfect way to store energy to allow for wind and solar power to be usable year round on the energy grid.  Only time will tell if the designs can be built to the right size.